The mentality of Ranua and the unique nature of the area can be summarized to the golden treasure found in the region – cloudberry. Cloudberries can be found on mires, and you need to see a bit more effort for picking it up than for the other Finnish berries. This golden delicacy, however, rewards the hard-working as it is one of the most valuable natural berries in Finland, and it contains multiple times more A- and C-vitamins than orange.

Cloudberry describes well the resilience, cleanness and quality which are also features of Ranua municipality.

Arctic Cloudberry Village Ranua –brand gathers together the cloudberry culture of environment, skilful entrepreneurs and tourism. Brand emphasizes Ranua’s courage to act and stand out with its strengths – clean nature, natural values and natural resources. Arctic Cloudberry Village –brand invites the residents and the entrepreneurs to collaborate and to innovate. Brand is also recognition for high quality products that take notice of the values of the area.

Cloudberry culture can be explored for example on Hillatori market square, Golden Cloudberry Market Fair and in local cloudberry products. In Ranua, cloudberry has inspired textiles, drinks as well as beauty products