Rubus Cosmetics

Rubus Cosmetics in a lappish cosmetics and treatment series. It contains clean, genuine raw materials and active substances herbs and berries from Lapland nature. It is born of a treasure trove of nature, close to the manufacturer. Products are handmade in Lapland in Ranua.

Online store www.rubus.fi

Arla Northern Finland

Repotie 2, FI-97700 Ranua
Tel. +358 40 722 5569


We offer everything you need on table for every day, as well as, for celebration. We have favourites and interesting releases, wide range of products for special diets, and of course local tastes.

Open Mon – Sat 8 – 21, Sun 10 – 21
Keskustie 1, 97700 Ranua
Tel: 044 788 5644

K-Market Hillamarket

Everything good is near – for every day as well as for celebration. We also have a clothing department.

We are at your service:

Mon – Fri 8 – 21, Sat 8 – 21 and Sun 10 – 21
Keskustie 34, 97700 RANUA
Tel: +358 16 355 1831


The Sweet Shop open daily
1.9.– 31.5. 10 a.m.– 5 p.m.
1.6.– 31.8. 10 a.m.– 6 p.m.

Murr Murr Castle, Rovaniementie 29, Ranua

Ranua Hillatori in summer

Visit the Cloudberry Market in Ranua for local culture, unique
handicrafts and delicious souvenirs! Enjoy new cloudberry
products and a cup of coff ee at the market. The busiest market
days are Fridays and Wednesdays.

Ranua central village
Address: Hillapolku 1, 97700 Ranua

The Cloudberry Market square