Experiences as never-ending fortune

The splashing sound of rubber boot at the mire, the pinch on the nose of the freezing cold day, or the roughness of reindeer hair under your hands. In Ranua, the untouched wilderness is still present just around the village centre. Versatility of nature can be seen in vast lakes and rivers, mires, as well forests. Diversity is upheld by sustainable use of natural resources.

True value of natural resources and local production lasts and multiplies in peoples’ experiences. You can, again and again, go into the woods to pick up berries, or go to lake fishing, or get to know the life on the farm on our countryside. Following the regional resources and yearly natural cycle are sustainable ways to enjoy the originality of the area. Thus, you can wander in the forest and eat berries straight from the twigs – there is no heavy industry close-by to affect the cleanness of the berries.


Fishing and hunting can be enriching experiences also in addition to the catch. Sometimes it takes a worthwhile to see the actual prize. Ice-fishing is its own kind of meditation which turns into excitement in a split of a second when the fish tweaks the jig.

Time spent in the nature is worth it and more. It has been studied that natural surroundings reduce stress and lower blood-pressure. Colours, smells, sounds and light, the bark of the tree, the softness of hassock and the feel of snow are the true richness, of which everyone can enjoy in Ranua. The yearly cycle ensures that our environment is an unlimited treasury.


If visiting the forest or experiencing the lake is going to be your next time activity, you can still enjoy the cleanness of nature otherwise. Ranua Villages provide insight to the life on the countryside. Local products are safe and made without harmful toxins and ingredients.

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