Relaxation in your own rhythm

Sometimes the freedom to come and go ina your own rhythm attracts the most. It makes it possible to try something new out of a moment of fancy. Ranua provides plenty of options for travellers taking care of their well-being.

And, did you know, that in Finnish Lapland, the air is measured to be the cleanest in the world – repeatedly?

Boosting the blood circulation by ice-swimming

The effects of cold water have been studied to improve blood circulation and metabolism. Quick exposure to freezing temperatures increases the amount of natural cortisol, and thus decreases the feeling of pain. Also, the production of endorphin accumulates when taking a dip into cold water. Ice-swimming suits all, but if you have symptoms related to heart or blood pressure, it is wise to consult with your physician. It is not recommended to jump into the cold water straight from the heat of sauna. Great difference in the temperature causes a change in the blood pressure, and it may cause dizziness. For healthy person, ice-swimming is not any more physical stress than short distance of cross-country-skiing.

You can ask about the opportunity to ice-swim in Ranua when booking the accommodation.

Vitamins from the forest

When berries are ripe, vitamins are another health benefit, beside exercising, that you can get from the forest. Wandering around the forest reduces stress and calms down, and if you actually manage to pick the berries instead of eating them all straight from the plant, you can freeze them and enjoy the results through the winter. Finnish forest berries are known for their vitamins and are internationally considered as super food. Before medicines, berries were used for medical purposes. You don’t need any special equipment for going berry-picking – just rubber boots, bucket and protective clothes and insect repellent against mosquitoes. There are plenty of different berries to eat in Finland but if you are not sure is the berry poisonous or not, you can check it from Arktiset aromit –page or take a guided berry-picking safari.

Getting to better shape and mood by hiking

You boost your physical shape almost without noticing when adjusting the speed to fit your mood and when the changing scenery carries your feet. The rhythm of your steps and the sounds of nature pamper you to focus on the moment, and soon you will notice how your feet feel light and breathing flows freely. Take a deep breath – oh, how fresh the air is in the forest. There are plenty of options for hikes in different lengths in Ranua. The effectiveness can be adjusted with speed, backpack and hiking-poles. If you are going for a longer hike, a map and good water-proof shoes are recommended. Notice also that the phone signal might not reach all places in the nature. More information on the tracks and routes can be found: See and Experience – Trails and Tracks.