From Midnight Sun to Polar Night

The amount of light and its effects to nature can be perceived clearly in Ranua.

It can be hard to imagine what it is like, when it does not get dark at all. Even though Ranua is a little below the Arctic Circle, Midnight Sun can be seen here – thanks to the bending of light. The vast lakes create perfect setting to follow the arch of the Sun, as it dips close to horizon but then instead of disappearing, it heads back up to the sky.

Midsummer and the Sun that never sets

The longest day of the year, Midsummer, is celebrated throughout Finland. In different areas, light and summer are celebrated with different habits, but sauna, spells and dancing belong to Midsummer traditions all around. Despite that the actual Midnight Sun is a one-night event in Ranua, it is possible to experience the light nights (nightless nights) during three weeks in the end of June. During this time, the Sun stays so close to horizon that it is possible to enjoy the nights without any additional light. Sunsets and sunrises can be enjoyed with an unique way of the North, as they happen so close to each other that there is no need to go to bed in between.

Polar night full of colours

Other extremity of light in Ranua is the Polar night. It may sound quite gloomy that the Sun does not rise properly, and that there are only couple of hours of day light. Polar night is not dark, however. There is a great variety of colours in the sky, from reds and oranges to blues and purples. Landscape basks in the bluish shimmer, when the snow covers the shapes to soft figures and reflects the light of the frosty days and of the moon. During this time, windows and streets are decorated with Christmas lights.

The activity of people and nature is high during the Nightless night. Then again, during the Polar night it is possible to enjoy the slow rhythm of life and listen to the silence of resting nature. There is its own mood and special kind of atmosphere, as well as, activities for every season.