Herbal spa-treatments in a traditional Finnish sauna

Soothing and cleansing sauna awaits you with professional spa-treatments in Ranua. You will get to experience the purifying and pampering all-natural and organic herbal products. They are clinically tested and herbal-based and the secret lies within the plants growing below the nightless night skies.

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Herbal spa-treatments in sauna, price from 55 €/ person

Sauna with cloudberry-spa

This renewing and relaxing spa-treatment leads your thoughts away from everyday chores. Let the feeling overwhelm you as warm rocks with cloudberry extracts are pressing gently on your skin. The leaves of cloudberry rejuvenate your facial skin leaving a moisturized and soft feeling. The spa is finalized with a refreshing foot-spa bringing the nature close to you with forestry scents and aromas. When you go to the sauna, you enjoy the cloudberry drink. The sauna comes with a traditional birch whisk.

Sauna with peat-spa
Treat yourself with this indulgent whole-body spa with natural peat and honey-based products. This is ideal for relaxing and refreshing. Honey has proven results on your skins’ elasticity, and softness together with softening touch. You can ask for rose, tar, honey and salt saunas as well! Traditional birch is used to enhance these ingredients and also brings a lovely, summery scent to sauna.

Professional spa & sauna therapist available year around.

Bring a towel youself.

Group size min. 2 persons. Maximum according to sauna size.

Bookings and information 044 300 3384 tai anu@hillasauna.fi