Trails and tracks

Inviting you outdoors

Are you looking for a short walk to catch fresh air or would you like to challenge yourself with longer adventure? We have plenty of options in Ranua in different levels of challenge. For paddlers, there are routes for multiple visits. Trails and routes can be found for example on Retkikartta. For longer hikes, it is recommended to have a recently updated map, minimum in scale 1:75 000.

Short trails

  • There is a 3.5 kilometre long nature path right next to Ranua Wildlife Park. You can also rent fatbike to bike on the trail. 1.3 kilometres are lit.
  • Papinpalo nature trail to Tervo lean-to is 2.4 kilometres long. From the lean-to, you can continue to swamp conservation area of Litokaira.
  • Oravi-area close to centre has a variety of marked tracks from short to long walks and skiing.
  • Paasonvaara sightseeing trail is 5 kilometres long and it goes partly by the longer trail of Lake Paasonjärvi.

Mid-length trails:

  • Koukku-Äijä’s (Hook Geezer) trail is about 8 kilometres long route in the sceneries of Simojoki River between Mauru village and Peurajärvi village. There is a wilderness hut by the track.
  • Ranuanjärvi track is an easy-access 7.2 kilometre route, which can be walked forth and back, or make a loop by making use of the roads around the Lake Ranuanjärvi.

Long trails:

  • Simojärvi hiking trail is an easy 14.5 kilometres long route. Suolahti beach ad Tuppilampi rocks can be accessed via Simojärvi hiking trail.
  • Lake Paasonjärvi track goes through the conservation area of an old forest. This 11.3 kilometres long route is easy.
  • Simojärvi-Soppana area is suitable for adventurers. Sceneries change from lake views to forestry areas on the multiple trails. More information on Simojärvi and Soppana -page.

Winter trails:

During winter time, you can enjoy skiing and snowmobiling around Ranua. Skiing tracks with lights can be found in the centre, in the area of Ranua Wildlife Park, and almost in every Ranua Village.

There are about 250 kilometres of official snowmobile tracks in the Ranua area. Tracks are looked after by Ranua municipality. The official tracks are on the land, and there are bridges over the ditches. Only few water-crossings are going over Simojoki River on tracks to Rovaniemi, Vanttaus and Simo, as well as over Siuruanjoki River on track going to Syöte.

Boating and paddling routes:

Lake Simojärvi is a perfect place for adventures by boat or by paddling. It is advised to stay on routes, for there are many rocks and reefs. There are lean-tos and a few wilderness huts in the area of Lake Simojärvi and Simojoki River. There are four official docks in Lake Simojärvi: Pohjaslahti, Simontaival, Korvajokisuu and Simojärvi Fishery. It is possible to paddle all the way to Bothnian Bay via Simojoki River, and if you are looking for wilderness, there are plenty of pristine rivers in the area.


There are also national parks and natural destinations close to Ranua. 

Korouoma Nature Reserve

Syöte and Iso-Syöte Hiking area


Riisitunturi National Park