Unique atmosphere of active village

The uniqueness of a small village can be seen especially in events. It may sometimes happen that you forget to say hi to your neighbour in the hustle of bigger cities, or you need to make space for you schedules to meet a friend over coffee. This is not the case in Ranua. Here, the villagers gather together to organize market fairs, sports competitions and services. And, you are welcome to join. Just for the warning though, after visiting Ranua, the lifestyle sticks with you, and you might notice yourself talking to strangers without any hurry.

Kirkonkylä Ranua keskusta ilmakuva

Hillatori market square

Hillatori market square is a meeting place for Ranuan people. It is located in the centre of Ranua Village and every summer from Midsummer to end of July there are market days every week. Also different events take place on Hillatori market square. It is said that global price of cloudberries is set on Ranua Hillatori market square.

Kirkonkylä Ranua keskusta ilmakuva

Golden Cloudberry markets on first weekend of August

Already for 44 years, Golden Cloudberry markets, has been held in Ranua on the first weekend of August. Two-day event is full of activities for children and for adults. Every year you can see the crowning of Hillatyttö (Cloudberry girl) and Marjatohtori (Berry doctor), as well as, competitions of chain sawing and packing of wood. In addition to cloudberries, there are plenty of traditional foods served, and you can familiarize yourself with local handcrafts. From year to year, also sellers outside Ranua, find their way to the markets.

Kirkonkylä Ranua keskusta ilmakuvaGingerbread fairs 

On the First Advent, the Christmas season is opened by Gingerbread fairs

Kirkonkylä Ranua keskusta ilmakuva

Ranua Opistoservices

“Have the Faith and pure conscience” is the motto of Opistoservices. Services are an open spiritual event for everyone. Opistoservices welcomes visitors who want to come to hear the word of God from all around Finland and in all ages.

Kirkonkylä Ranua keskusta ilmakuva