Traditional barn of Kuha Harmony

60,00  Sis. alv


19 m2

1 room

Beds: 2

Equipment: Beds, table and chairs

Pets allowed

No smoking

Accessibility: no

Additional services: bed linen, breakfast, supper, various activities

Traditional barn from early 1800s by the Lake Kuhajärvi has been renovated for accommodation while respecting the history of building. In this two-bed barn, it is possible to enjoy a good nights’ sleep without disturbances. Toilet and bathroom are in the main-building 15 meters away from the barn. There is a place for campfire and possibility to fish at Lake Kuhajärvi. You can also swimming and row on the boat. Available on Summer season.

Kuha Harmony
Vanha Kuha 1 C, 97700 Ranua

Tel. +358 40 865 2308