For washing, an assortment of local Rubus – natural cosmetics

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Rubus Cosmetics products are handmade natural cosmetics especially for sensitive skin.


Cloudberry Shampoo contains frost leaf. Solid shampoo is a fairly neutral product, suitable for strong hair, softening it, and for weak hair, giving it structure. Treats dry hair.

Rinses well even with cooler water. Does not contain perfumes or dyes.

Size about 90 g

Sea buckthorn shampoo is a rich, softening and plumping bar shampoo.

Contains sea buckthorn berry and sea buckthorn oil from Ranua.

Does not contain perfumes or dyes, the color is only from sea buckthorn and it varies.

Size about 90 g

Peat tar soap for gentle washing of the whole body.

Also suitable for washing dry, irritated scalp and hair. Creamy, gentle, does not dry the skin. Peat cleans well and tar soothes the skin. Does not leave a tar smell on the skin or in the washrooms.


Salt soap washes without drying the skin.

Soap containing finely ground sea salt is suitable for washing hands and body and cleaning make-up from the face.

The soap contains honeysuckle, which has traditionally been used to relieve pain and inflammation, as well as to treat skin irritation and rashes.

Size about 60g

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