Ranua Tourism Innox 2021

Ranua Tourism Innox 2021 is a non-profit project aimed at developing tourism and tourism business activities for tourism entrepreneurs and future new entrepreneurs in the Ranua region. The project has started on March 1st, and it will last until August 31st and is supported by the European Regional Development Fund. The aim of the project is to develop tourism business in Ranua and to promote cooperation between tourism entrepreneurs and the takeover of digital platforms.

The project will create attractive tourism packages and products for year-round demand. The project works collectively, building a network with the entire tourism sector. The aim of networking is to offer a more comprehensive range of tourism products, where tourism products and services can be found and reached digitally by the customer. Digitalization ensures the visibility, accessibility, and ease of the services. The project raises the common skills of entrepreneurs.

During the project, workshops of the tourism network will be held to formulate attractive service packages. The workshops will also cover security and risk management, contract issues and the use of digital platforms, and strengthen network cooperation. The operational models created in the workshops will come in a handbook that can be used by the whole network and that will allow new entrepreneurs to quickly become part of the network.