Fishing trip to Lake Kuhajärvi

The fishing trip starts from the old yard of Kuha, located on the headland extending into Lake Kuhajärvi. Kuhajärvi is less than 5 km long, fish-rich lake. Spin fishing in a smooth lake on a bright summer evening is an unforgettable experience.

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Fishing trip to Lake Kuhajärvi The duration of the trip is approximately three hours or according to agreement. The guide will be rowing the boat but if you wish, you can try rowing yourself. We can fish using a spinning rod or a trolling rod. The catch will be either pike or perch. During the trip, we will also check the fish traps. We will enjoy a packed lunch either on the boat or at the shore. After the trip, we will enjoy sandwiches and coffee at the shore while we handle the catch.

June to August, Mon – Sat

Place: Vanha Kuha 1 C, approx. 10 km from Ranua in the direction of Posio

Group size: 1 – 2 adult or 1 adult and 2 children

Equipment: Life jackets, spinning rods and trolling rods, rain cloaks in case of rain. The guest must take care of suitable clothing according to the weather.

Duration: Total duration approx. three hours.

Price: adult 50 €/h, child (3 – 15 y) 20 €/h (only with child). The price includes a fishing permit for Kuhajärvi, but not a fisheries management fee (€8/day).

tero.kuha@hotmail.com, tel. +358 040 865 2308