Spending time in nature


Privilege to enjoy the nature

If you plan to go berry-picking, mushroom-picking or hiking, there are plenty of options in Ranua – self-guided or with a local guide.

When roaming around by yourself, you are welcome to enjoy the privilege of the concept of everyman’s right. Everyone needs to take care that everyman’s right is used properly and the responsibilities towards nature, other people and other’s property will be taken care of.

By everyman’s right you are allowed to:

·         Move in the forests, natural fields and on ice by walking, skiing and biking.

·         Swim and bathe, as well as, use boats in lakes and seas

·         Ride a horse on trails and fields

·         Camp temporarily in the area where it is also permitted to move around

·         Pick up wild berries, herbs and flowers as well as mushrooms, as long as they are not protected species

·         Fish with a rod and line, and ice-fish (limitations to fishing are presented in Finnish at www.kalastusrajoitus.fi)

In nature conservation areas, different rules are applied and you can check the current information on brochure.

By everyman’s right you are not allowed to:

·         litter

·         roam around on yards or planted fields

·         damage trees

·         collect dried wood or lichen from other people’s property

·         light open campfires without permission (also note the possible limitations to campfires even at places pointed at them, as there might be risk of forest fire during the summer)

·         collect moss

·         drive with motorized vehicle off road

·         disturb or harm animals, birds, or birds’ nests

·         disturb people’s privacy by camping too close to residencies or by making too much noise

For fishing with other equipment than rod and line, as well as, for hunting, proper permissions are needed. Also regulations and times for hunting need to be followed. About fishing and hunting in Ranua area can be read more on: Kalastus ja metsästys sivu

Dogs are nice companions and you can take your friend almost anywhere with you. Thumb rule is to keep the dog on a leash, unless you are certain that you are outside urban area or someone’s property. Also dog should be kept on leash between 1.3.-19.8. with some exceptions (www.finlex.fi)