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Kirkonkylä Ranua keskusta ilmakuva

[two-fifths-first]Kuhan tallin aitta on kunnostettu majoituskäyttöön Ranualla


Traditional barn of Kuha Harmony

Traditional barn from early 1800s by the Lake Kuhajärvi has been renovated for accommodation while respecting the history of building. In this two-bed barn, it is possible to enjoy a good nights’ sleep without disturbances. Toilet and bathroom are in the main-building 15 meters away from the barn. There is a place for campfire and possibility to fish at Lake Kuhajärvi. Available on Summer season.

Kuha Harmony (Kuha stables)
Vanha Kuha 1 C, 97700 Ranua
tel: +358 40 742 0619




Tatami room


Japan house

Enjoy peaceful Japanese-style accommodation by the Lake Simojärvi.

Forget everyday chores and experience the whole story. Japanhouse accommodate 2-4 persons by booking in advance.
Bed will be traditional futon on the tatami floor. Price includes yukata -night gown and tea.

Please, note that there will be no elevator in Japanhouse and tatami room is in second floor.

Shower available. No pets.

Inquiries and bookings +358 44 579 0483 or by e-mail japanitalo@lappstory.fi